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We’re Glyde Media: a PNW based video production company that creates cinematic videos for local businesses and non-profits, and has traveled the world working with global brands.

We’ve worked on a range of productions including commercials, fundraising content, custom music, podcasts, and documentaries. We are happy to take projects from conception to finish, or plug in along the production timeline to best suit your needs with ideation and video treatments, post-production, music, and digital strategy. Let’s create something awesome together!

Our team brings stellar concepts, methodology, and collaboration to every project, setting all players up for success from the start.

Our video shoots combine cinematic creative direction, skilled videographers, cutting-edge technologies, and the perfect talent for every project.

Bring emotion and dynamic energy to your video content with custom created music to match the mood, pace and feeling of your story.

  Our team works closely with yours in order to create a product that suits your video marketing needs and generates an authentic response in consumers.

Non-Profit Video:

We understand media’s ability to make a positive impact in our communities. Videos have the ability to increase awareness, attract volunteers, and secure donors.

At Glyde, we donate over 100 hours a year to supporting non-profits with our work. We also donate funds and develop strategies to run targeted social media ads, ensuring the non-profit gets real value from our media.

Mark Leckband

Mark Leckband Director of Photography

From shooting timelapses to flying drones to lighting interviews, Mark enjoys how each project is unique. He is an experienced MōVI camera stabilizer operator, and FAA licensed drone pilot, and video editor. Prior to founding Glyde Media, Mark worked as a campaign organizer for non-profits, as well as a freelance photographer and cinematographer.

Daniel Gibson

Daniel Gibson Composer, Musician, Audio Engineer

Daniel has been writing and playing music for over 10 years.  He has a diverse skillset bolstered by his experience with multiple instruments and many genres. Dan has extensive knowledge of on-site recording and post-production engineering.

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