In order to finish strong, our expertise in post-production creates a polished and cinematic final product. We put an emphasis on attention to pacing and narrative arc, further engaging the viewer with your story. We also make sure the images are in tune with the music, and have the ability to make subtle adjustments like a drum transition that matches the pacing of quick cuts.

We offer the following post-production services:

— Video and photo editing

— Color correction and grading

— Sound design

— Audio mixing

— Audio correction

— Custom Music

— Video graphics

— Visual effects

Color Correction and Grading Process

1. We film with a flat picture profile in order to capture the most detail and highest dynamic range of information in the shadows and highlights. This also allows us craft the color to our liking in post. First we correct the flat image to match the color one would naturally observe.

2. Depending on the project, we will determine how much to adjust contrast, and amount of light in the blacks and shadows, mid-tones, and highlights. If the project calls for a stylized color pallet, we may do something like add teal to the shadows and mid-tones, and orange to the highlights, which is a common approach in movies and TV shows.

3. We then correct and unify skin tones, and soften lines and blemishes. This used to be very time consuming task and generally only performed by color professionals, but thanks to advanced software this can be done in a short period of time.